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Phone Case DIY

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Phone Case DIY
  • os: ios version: 2.4.0
    updated: Jan 30, 2017 size: 358 MB
  • os: android version: 2.4.8
    updated: July 29, 2021 size: 102M

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phone case diy is a creative casual game, the game will be disguised as a creative artist, design and manufacture unique phone case, phone case coloring steps, all the colors support custom adjustment, whether it is making small items, or making great creations, these are bringing a lot of benefits to mankind. Many people in the game are keen on the crafting category because in the game they are able to make things that they may not be able to make in real life through the items in the game, satisfying their curiosity and hands-on skills. Join in during breaks and operate a wave here that will surely make you love it.
There are many players who are playing and you are the ones who can see who makes the more beautiful phone cases.
If you are interested, just join in and you are guaranteed not to let the crowd down.

Editor Comment

One of the biggest benefits of making your own phone case or skin is that they make it easy for anyone who wants to make a phone call to make their own unique design for your own iPhone case, and they can be sure that no one else will have one. Another thing that personalized cell phone accessories offer us is a terrific gift idea for people who are hard to buy for. With so much music available for join, creating your own unique ringtone is easy, but when it comes to the case and look of the phone, many of us often come across friends whose phones feature the same design.
Many manufacturers are designing phones for cases that are rarely there and protect your phone very well. They are all designed to keep them the same shape and size that is protecting the phone. There are many kinds of visual phone cases available in the market today. Soft silicone cases, leather cases, hard cases, wallet cases, TPU cases and so on. From designer-inspired phone cases to stylish high-tech cases, all are designed to meet the needs of customers

How to Play

Many manufacturers are designing phones and they are all trying to keep the same shape and size of the phone. There are many kinds of visual phone cases available in the market today. Soft silicone cases, leather cases, hard cases, wallet cases are inspired from designers
Become a professional diy designer and challenge different looks to create cool shapes
The shape of the phone case is relatively simple, mainly diy patterns and styles vary widely
For the mastery of color, for the proportion of the adjustment, the back will have more fun



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    by caydence wilson 19 Sep,2021
  • it is just OMG

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