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Kids Doodle - Color & Draw Free Game

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Kids Doodle - Color & Draw Free Game
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    updated: May 27, 2019 size: 29 MB
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    updated: June 29, 2020 size: 5.6M

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Kids Doodle - Color & Draw Free Game is a small game for Android users to create a doodle, through the application you can draw what you want on the drawing board, or to imitate the painting can be oh. Here you can use your imagination to depict everything, you can follow the rules and follow the steps of copying, or you can spread the wings of imagination, the sky is the limit, depicting a world full of artistic graffiti!

Editor Comment

1,The perfect hand sketching application

2,Colorful pens

3,Easy to use

How to Play

There are widgets at the bottom of the screen, you can choose a different color pen, and if you draw wrong you can choose the undo back button



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