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Shadow Knights : Idle RPG

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Shadow Knights : Idle RPG
  • os: ios version: 46
    updated: Mar 1, 2023 size: 305.1 MB
  • os: android version: 46
    updated: May 30, 2022 size: 305.1 MB

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Shadow Knights : Idle RPG is a very fun action rpg game, the game as a whole using the dark style design, to bring players a very mysterious feeling, and in the battle of the special effects beautifully crafted and gorgeous, restore the dark dungeon scene, in the dark environment can give players a sense of smooth and bloodthirsty fighting, to bring you a more excellent adventure experience.

Editor Comment

1, Pure dark style, exciting and fast combat adventure experience, action adventure, smooth and incomparable.

2, The deep darkness hides endless monsters, and all we have to do is to wield weapons to slash.

3, a variety of roles, a variety of professional factions, choose the most suitable for their own style of role to enjoy the battle adventure.

4, full of exciting combat adventure thrill, a large number of levels and modes in which.

5, a variety of characters and skills are very good action COMBO, join in to enjoy the action feast.

6, to explore a variety of areas, and there are many combat play, super play waiting for you to challenge.

How to Play

At the same time, in Shadow Knight game players through personalized combination, and constantly collect a large number of shadow soldiers and weapons, with their own strategy to deploy your army, according to the faction and skill combination, you can dozens of strategic play in the game, enjoy the action feast. In addition, the game has a large number of levels for you to challenge, and each level will have a boss, as the level increment, more and more enemies continue to emerge, which greatly increases the difficulty of the game, but also make the game playable to the extreme.



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