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AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG

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AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG
  • os: ios version: 484.6 MB
    updated: Jan 24, 2023 size: 1.1.48
  • os: android version: 484.6 MB
    updated: Jan 24, 2023 size: 1.1.48

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AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG is the classic adventure dungeon game, where you can start the most fresh and interesting adventure! A new world is emerging at this time, with endless battles to complete the challenge of the game, enjoy the different breakthrough adventure battle!

Editor Comment

1. Simple dungeon game picture, dozens of different levels, you can challenge here

2. Free to adventure and fight in the underground palace, exciting adventure process is about to start

3. Pixel image, unlimited challenges, new journey, bring you more tests

How to Play

1.Use strategy to fight and find the best time to release your skills in order to survive unharmed

2.Monsters will appear in different locations.If you can't defeat these monsters,you can choose to leave them

3.There are many levels in the dungeon,and the difficulty of the levels will keep increasing.The more difficult the task,the more passionate the battle will be

4.Collect a variety of different prop items,props will give the player character special power,waiting for you to use flexibly

5.Flexible attacks can help you quickly kill your opponents.The more violent the weapon attack,the more monsters you can kill!



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