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Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game

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Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game
  • os: ios version: 556.3 MB
    updated: Apr 30, 2021 size: 1.8.4
  • os: android version: Varies by equipment
    updated: 16 August 2021 size: 1.9.0

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Master Assassin game is a relatively good mobile assassin master casual challenge game, you are an assassin, you can martial arts, take your katana, in different gold man, and opponents to fight, defeat opponents, avoid the danger, support the level system challenge, like you can join Master Assassin game experience!

Editor Comment

A cool advantage is that you can change your beauty and become a different hero, and there are 4 available characters. But remember: first of all, you were born a ninja! Even if it's just virtual reality, it will definitely give you goose bumps! The tension is created with upbeat music, realistic "vase breaking" sounds and "Mom, I'm a criminal" style game design. Plus, you never know what's waiting for you in the next level!

How to Play

A little advice for future ninjas. First of all, the big boss is a target that is not that easy to kill. Be patient and make a few more attempts! Second, collect as much money as you can (actually, that's just good practical advice). Third, the enemies in the game can be easily killed with one shot. Don't waste your precious time on other parts of their bodies! And last but not least: be a good guy and fight only the bad guys!



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    by Crainer 29 Sep,2021

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