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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense Game

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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense Game
  • os: ios version: 4.0
    updated: Aug 9, 2021 size: 195.7 MB
  • os: android version: 5.3.07
    updated: September 7, 2021 size: 158M

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Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game released by a big production team. The game uses cartoon style game graphics, allowing people to relax in the game. This game is not as boring as the previous tower defense mini-games, specifically in the construction of barracks to summon soldiers to defend, repair wooden houses to recruit elves and other new design, easy to operate, so you quickly get started. The kingdom is under threat and players will use their troops, wizards and warriors to defend against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil elves and other nasty demons. Battle scenarios include forests, mountains, and wastelands, etc. Join the game to strengthen your troops with upgraded defense towers.

Editor Comment

Multiple game modes

Realistic 3D effects

Rich battle scenes, including in forests, mountains and wastelands

How to Play

There is only 1 wave of enemies, but it takes a very long time and the enemies are very strong. By watching the information card, you can see the type of enemies, but not the number of enemies (indicated by  indicates). Technique will be limited to a certain level. There is only one point of life value. Generally there will be a specified type of defense tower that cannot be built. However, in some cases, there are pre-built towers (although they are on the forbidden list), and these towers can be reinforced. You get a star after passing a level.



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