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Clash of Empire: Empire Age

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Clash of Empire: Empire Age
  • os: ios version: 2.33.0
    updated: Dec 21, 2021 size: 290.6 MB
  • os: android version: 5.34.1
    updated: January 11, 2022 size: 140M

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Clash of Empires is a fun and hot game with real-time interaction with players from all over the world. Join alliances and find partners from all over the world! 

Editor Comment

Free castle building;

Castles for both attack and defence;

Capture the resource tower and fight for glory and power!

How to Play

1, A large number of powerful characters, you have to do is to recruit all of them to your team.

2,The player has to make a reasonable combination of their team so that each character can play their role.

3, Your team will always maintain the peak of combat power, the game you have to constantly think about how to arrange the troops to make you more powerful.



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