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Flow Free

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Flow Free
  • os: ios version: 4.3
    updated: Jun 5, 2021 size: 56.5 MB
  • os: android version: 5.2
    updated: June 5, 2021 size: 15M

* For reference, Flow Free game websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


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Flow Free is a simple connecting game with colourful dots waiting for you to connect and form interesting images.
Connect colour-matched pipes to create water channels. In Flow Free, match all the colours so that the pipes cover the entire area to pass the level. Please note that if you cross or overlap, the pipes will break!
Play hundreds of levels for free or race against the clock in time limit mode, Flow Free contains many levels from easy beginner to challenging. It's up to you to decide how you want to play the game. Try Flow Free and see what it's like to have your mind at rest!

Editor Comment

This game is not particularly complicated game play, in the operation of the game is very simple, so players can play this mobile game in their leisure time, in the simple game interface to complete the operation of the game, the whole game process is very easy to make players addicted, of course, as the game continues to move forward, the game will become more and more difficult, so that our game will be more challenging more intense, so that we can experience this mobile game in a casual and entertaining game.
I don't need to figure anything out, there's no competition, no pressure, just me.
If you draw a line wrong, you can replay the level by clicking on 'Clear to Play' and the game will reset all levels if you want to play them again!
Of course, in life, you need to work with your own hands, playing games is not the answer.
Players simply connect the same numbers without crossing the lines to complete the level, with the option to 'connect the hints' if necessary.

How to Play

Connect the dots of the same colour with a line and then the connected line should take the grid all at once. It sounds simple enough, but to achieve perfection you need to take as many steps as possible and finish the game in one go.
There are many modes of play in flow free, so when you enter the game, you will need to choose the mode of play first, but as a new player, you can choose "free mode", as it is important to experience the game first.
There are many levels in the free game, and they are updated every day, so there are too many options to choose from to get through the game.
Each level has a number of smaller levels within it, so you should be aware of the dizzying array of choices.
Firstly, the game is similar to Connect the Dots, but when you connect them, you can't eliminate them, you just need to connect all the balls of the same colour without overlapping the connecting lines.



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