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CSR 2 - Drag Racing Car Games

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CSR 2 - Drag Racing Car Games
  • os: ios version: 4.1.1
    updated: Oct 6, 2022 size: 4 GB
  • os: android version: 4.1.1
    updated: Oct 6, 2022 size: 4 GB

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CSR 2 - Drag Racing Car Games is a different update can also play racing games, this game has a lot of cars waiting for players, different car performance is different, players can enjoy these cars bring the charm of racing, but also the player can freely modify their own car, very interesting, greatly enhance the sense of participation in the game.

Editor Comment

1, The best 3D effect performance in mobile, each car has their own unique appearance and light effects.

2, from many luxury car brands licensed, there are more than 75 supercars, come to collect gold coins.

3, the freedom to modify your Aichen, from the transformation of your car engine engine to the direction of the rear wing to challenge, play the ultimate speed.

How to Play

In the game players can customize their own license plate and top appearance, personalized driving style, to give you the most realistic game experience, unlock more vehicles, win every game victory. The game is a wonderful and exciting racing game with a variety of interesting gameplay and modes to bring you a new game experience, simple and easy to operate, and the graphics are very realistic and three-dimensional, allowing you to feel the endless fun.



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