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Clumsy Ninja

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Clumsy Ninja
  • os: ios version: 1.33.2
    updated: Oct 11, 2021 size: 241.4 MB
  • os: android version: 1.33.2
    updated: Oct 11, 2021 size: 241.4 MB

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Clumsy Ninja is a very oddly drawn ninja game, come and train this silly little ninja to become a master of ninjutsu for a generation! Magical adventure waiting for you to discover, joy and laughter are on the road full of flowers!

Editor Comment

1, the game background 3d effect is obvious

For people who often watch Japanese anime, it really is impeccably comfortable.

2, just the right amount of music

Can make players remember the game more.

3, the picture and flavor full smooth lines and realistic and lovely color scheme.

How to Play

Very interesting 3d raising class game, the game players will become this stupid ninja's master, will teach him a variety of ninja skills, but everything to start from scratch, and this ninja IQ is not very high.



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