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Ace Defender: Dragon War

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Ace Defender: Dragon War
  • os: ios version: 2.3.3
    updated: Jun 23, 2022 size: 394.7 MB
  • os: android version: 2.3.0
    updated: May 27, 2022 size: 394.7 MB

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Ace Defender: Dragon War is a fun strategy tower defense game, the game uses the magic background, players can collect and raise a variety of characters, to start a hot and exciting battle, play a variety of ways, come and try it.

Editor Comment

1, Ace Guardian is a tower defense game with elements of nurturing, players need to recruit and train heroes;.

2, Grow the strength of the team, place it to the designated location to automatically attack, kill monsters to get money, these can be used to buy equipment and materials.

3, constantly forging, in a variety of ways to improve the attributes of the character. There are also innovative competitive gameplay for you to experience, and more intense duels between real players.

How to Play

1, the turret still exists, has a slow attack speed, but the attack is very high, and still group damage, with a large range of splash damage, in the crossroads can create a very amazing output.

2, the game upgrade money consumption is not much, constantly upgrade the level of the defense tower, is the fastest way to improve the speed of combat power, can make your defense tower has a more powerful attack.

3, in the Institute can also conduct research to improve the attack power of each defense tower, but also to unlock its various upgrade routes to improve its basic attributes, so that your battle is easier.



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