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Badland Brawl

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Badland Brawl
  • os: ios version: 3.2.3
    updated: ay 7, 2022 size: 170.6 MB
  • os: android version:
    updated: May 7, 2022 size: 170.6 MB

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Badland Brawl, the battle is about to begin. The game creates a very realistic battle world for players, with diverse space scenes and cool battle effects, bringing players an extraordinary feeling. Fun competitive gameplay, multiplayer mode, and a variety of wonderful graphics performance, all in Badland Brawl waiting for you.

Editor Comment

A strategic tower defense game. The game is a real chaos, multiple players for exciting battles, will bring super fun as well as superb game experience. The cartoon painting style and the gameplay are also well integrated, and the gameplay is also very skillful.

How to Play

1, the world of Badland as the background, the gameplay is upgraded from the original series of puzzle mechanics to 1v1 battles.

2, the core of the game is very traditional, but the battle is quite rich in content, creating a chain reaction through some clever combos.

3, the game's strategy and fun has a lot of room to play, requiring players to dig in the actual battle.

4, the painting style is lovely and unique, the scene is colorful, real people compete, play together to explore.

5, a large number of props to use, cool technology, play more addictive, full of passion.



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