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Pyramid Solitaire - Classic Free Card Games

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Pyramid Solitaire - Classic Free Card Games
  • os: ios version: 4.0.0
    updated: Aug 17, 2021 size: 201.5 MB
  • os: android version:
    updated: June 8, 2021 size: 33M

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The game is a very fun casual game, the game is the same as the popular "Pyramid Solitaire - Classic Free Card Games" producer King, the game play and empty when the solitaire similar, according to the number of points of the card, the number of adjacent can pick up the card. It is easy to get started. But the picture is fresh, music is pleasant, is definitely a good work to spend time.

Editor Comment

Clean and friendly,Clear the cards with a tap to clear them customizable elegant theme with unlimited undo and auto-tips

Celebrate your victories with special animations! Track your detailed stats and best records easily switch between portrait and landscape views in left hand mode

How to Play

Match cards equal to 13. j=11, q=12, k=13.

Here is a quick overview of what our app offers.

Classic solitaire experience

Thousands of random deals

Fun and exciting animations

Smooth and well-rounded game play



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