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Cooking FrenzyCooking Game

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Cooking FrenzyCooking Game
  • os: ios version: 1.0.66
    updated: Dec 10, 2021 size: 289.1 MB
  • os: android version: 1.0.64
    updated: December 8, 2021 size: 146M

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Take you to experience a good cooking hand game, in which you run a food store, and then need to meet the requirements of various customers, but also need to constantly decorate the store, but also need to study some new menu out, so as to retain more customers.

Editor Comment

Challenge creative and exciting levels!

Experience exotic and exquisite cuisine!

Travel through different countries!

Cook and serve up delicious dishes in different restaurants!

Collect cards with cultural flair!

Enjoy a fast-paced and relaxing time!

Enjoy a fast-paced and relaxing time! Get endless thrills from the fascinating gameplay!

Expand your collection and gain global fame!

Master the secret recipes of authentic cuisine!

Win great rewards and gifts by winning!

Enjoy the beautiful pictures of all the delicacies!

How to Play


Open the treasure chest and collect the featured cards in it!

Redeem rare cards to complete the exquisite? series collection!

Get a valuable series of autographs!

Open a gourmet feast for all restaurants!


Click to bring out the right dish to satisfy your customers!

Keep customers happy by serving food on time!

Serve at the specified time! Serve your food within the specified time to prevent losing customers!


Click to add the right ingredients to make the desired dish!

Remove the food from the stove in time to prevent it from burning!



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