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Peak – Brain Games & Training

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Peak – Brain Games & Training
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Peak is the fun, free brain training workout designed around you. Peak uses brain games and puzzles to challenge memory, language and critical thinking to keep your mind active.

Editor Comment

- Free brain games to challenge your Memory, Attention, Math, Problem Solving, Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity and Emotion Control.
- Learn which categories your brain excels in, and compete with friends by comparing your brainmap and brain game performance.
- Coach, the personal trainer for your brain, helps you track your progress and improve.
- Cognitive brain training with games from expert researchers at Cambridge University, NYU and more.
- Works offline so you can enjoy Peak brain games wherever you are.
- Selected by Google as Editor's Choice.
- More than 45 brain games available and regular updates to keep you challenged.
- Get personalised brain training workouts and in-depth insights with Peak Pro.
- Get access to Peak Advanced Training modules: intensive programs that train a specific skill

How to Play

Designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, cognitive science and education, Peak makes brain training fun and rewarding. 



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