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Impostor vs Crewmate - Free Game Offline

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Impostor vs Crewmate - Free Game Offline
  • os: android version: 3.4
    updated: 23 April 2021 size: 60M

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A game that offers a new adventure for players to find impostors and compete against other players, thus testing their observation and hiding skills and not trusting anyone during the game.
A casual puzzle game with a variety of exciting gameplay created by a professional team, the game is presented in 3D and the fun you can have here will be varied.

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Editor Comment

Need to find a killer in a crowded incarnation, the game is great fun and you can see yourself in front of all the characters and scenes;
Make the most of the exciting challenges, skills and abilities to start and finish the mission;
You'll need to familiarise yourself with all the terrain to unleash the power-ups and emerge victorious.
A new style of game graphics and a new gameplay theme to compete from a different perspective;
You'll be playing against a very large number of players and will need to use your wits to the fullest;
With classic pixelated graphics, but with intense competition.

How to Play

The game is suitable for all ages as you control the character and start the battle, you need to destroy the fake crew members, use various props and weapons to defeat your opponents, there are many different scenarios and maps in the game.

1. Move your army with one hand to search for all impostors, with many unique and addictive levels to try out
2. Take part in rescuing your crew and help them avoid all obstacles, collect coins and take the castle treasure from the impostors
3. Run and rescue your crew and hunt down all their impostors, with a more intuitive interface and one-handed action



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