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Zoo 2: Animal Park

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Zoo 2: Animal Park
  • os: ios version: 1.69.1
    updated: Nov 18, 2021 size: 620.6 MB
  • os: android version: 1.69.2
    updated: November 24, 2021 size: 155M

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Take on the role of a zoo director. Take care of fierce tigers and cunning wolves, frolic with cute foxes and pandas, or spoil elephants and giraffes. Dive into the exciting story of the zoo game, which contains many wacky ideas and unexpected plot twists.

Editor Comment

Fresh cartoon game graphics

Collect all kinds of cute animals

Cultivate them freely

Build various interesting buildings

How to Play

Design your animals: new big big animals for each upgrade adventure. You can get more, flowers and trees; built farms, stores, new landscapes, benches and more.



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