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Join Clash 3D

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Join Clash 3D
  • os: ios version: 2.18
    updated: Nov 27, 2020 size: 316.9 MB
  • os: android version: 2.24.12
    updated: July 12, 2021 size: 68M

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Join Clash 3D game is quite interesting casual level game.
The game overall clear and bright graphics, with easy to decompress the operation of the game, by many players love. The character you play needs to collect the crowd in the road by constantly running, but also pay attention to the novel obstacles and deadly traps on the road, by counting the number of steps you run as much as possible to save the number of people, every time the player reaches the end, will experience an epic battle, when the number of people on the advantage will become the decision of the victory of the battle or not, the game you need to control your character in the level of The game requires you to control your character in the level of the track has been forward, no matter what kind of opponent you face you can easily face

Editor Comment

You can experience running anytime, anywhere and try a very interesting challenge at any time;
A variety of interesting special games, it is necessary to avoid obstacles as soon as possible to unlock more interesting games;
You have to make sure you can have a smooth, fun and exciting time waiting for you to unlock and experience the content;
Avoid the scary circular saw, the deadly red button and the tricky abyss.
Win the last battle while running and collecting people until you reach the castle at the end of the level.

How to Play

Gather the biggest crowd
Start running alone, gathering people on the way and collecting crowds. Lead your team through various moving, spinning and swelling obstacles. Count the number of steps you run and save as many crowds as possible.
Run through the obstacles
Let's see how far you can go in this crazy race for survival, dodging swinging axes and giant smashing spheres; avoiding scary circular saws, deadly red buttons and spine-covered abysses to reach the finish line.
Win the final battle
Run and collect people as you go until you reach the castle at the end of the level. Conquer your opponents in the ultimate battle and win in the castle raid!



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