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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
  • os: android version: 1.7.0
    updated: February 1, 2021 size: 70M

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Dancing Road is a fun music rhythm breakthrough game, the game has a cool background screen, you can let the ball through the simple operation control to start the adventure, many original sound effects theme, more with the rhythm of the music along the way together with the joy.
Popular songs are constantly included, accompanied by Charlie Puth (Charlie Puth), Alan Walker (Alan Walker), Sia (Sia) and other big-name singers of all kinds of music, all the way to the music.
Easy to operate, colorful, all kinds of music as you enjoy.

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Editor Comment

1. Original background music, beautiful theme
2. The difficulty of the levels gradually increases, and each level has different characteristics
3. The operation method is very simple, just press and hold the screen, move your finger.
4. Quality music, a variety of types, can meet all kinds of music preferences.
Open this colorful game, follow the rhythm of the music and move along!
Get high! Enjoy our free music game!
Music lovers, don't miss it!

How to Play

Listen carefully to the music and control the little ball to hit other little balls of the same color. Collect coins and gift boxes to unlock new treasures. The balls will suddenly change color, requiring strong hand-eye coordination
The graphics performance is relatively simple, looks like a very comfortable feeling, and is particularly easy to play.
With headphones you will have a better game experience, lossless sound quality with dynamic melodies, instantly let you burn up.
Thousands of music to choose from, with the update will add more modes and levels for you to challenge.



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