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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
  • os: ios version: 3.8.10
    updated: Apr 19, 2022 size: 669.4 MB
  • os: android version: 3.8.10
    updated: April 15, 2022 size: 109M

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an RPG based on Disney and Pixar animations, where you can use classic characters such as the fox and rabbit from "Animal City" to earn gold coins and upgrade.

Editor Comment

1. You can make the defiant character a shield for your whole team.

2. If the game lasts longer, you should use special skills when the yellow energy bar is full.

3. When you win the battle, you will get amazing rewards.

4. In the game, players will be able to fight with Superman. Judy. Aisha. Ralph. Winnilope and other popular characters to fight together.

5. and friends teamed up to participate in team competition and special events, you can get epic ability to equip and upgrade your character Oh.

How to Play

-Team up for missions and special events

-Upgrade your character with epic abilities and equipment

-Explore new digital worlds and save your fellow heroes!



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