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Soccer Royale: Football Games

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Soccer Royale: Football Games
  • os: ios version: 2.1.0
    updated: Jul 7, 2022 size: 294.9 MB
  • os: android version: 2.1.0
    updated: Jul 7, 2022 size: 294.9 MB

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Soccer Royale: Football Games offers you the royal war version of the soccer game. In the game, players can use the characters from the battle royal and can perform more rich features. The fun of which is very good, players who like soccer games should not miss!

Editor Comment

In the game, you can choose your hand and use them at the right time to produce unexpected effects.

Depending on enemy formations, target formations, win each game to increase popularity and get bonuses.

There will be many players participating in the league. Only by constantly winning, you can win the final trophy. There are also great rewards waiting for you.

Join the league and enjoy the social life, add friends and let them applaud you for your great performance.

Players all over the world are striving to rank in the leaderboard and your best results will be updated and recorded in real time.

How to Play

1, many players encounter five or six levels higher than their own, sometimes the gap is really too big.

2, lineups, tactics, training, etc. everything, the game is rich in content, the experience is very interesting.

3, because there is no opportunity for you to liver, in my case, not more than five games a day.

4, Collect and upgrade dozens of cards to create your soccer lineup, and play against your friends anytime, anywhere.

5, overall not bad. I'm a soccer fan myself and I really like this kind of soccer game.



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