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Cover art Bowmasters

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Cover art Bowmasters
  • os: ios version: 691.1 MB
    updated: Jun 1, 2021 size: 2.15.5
  • os: android version: 2.14.10
    updated: July 29, 2021 size: 141M

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A very humorous game, a very witty archery game where you can duel with more friends, using bows and arrows to duel and fight, enjoy the different game modes here, throw your weapons and hit the enemy.
Players can choose from a non-stop selection of characters, each with a different weapon and image, to control the strength, aim at the enemy and shoot, aim at the vitals to give more damage to the opponent, and the last hit will be a kill effect, very cool!
A shooting game, Bowmasters game in which the player plays a shooter, your task is to throw weapons, and then face the player in front of you, and this player can also throw weapons, who is the first to be killed by weapons who lost, what are you waiting for hurry up to join and play it.

Editor Comment

Press and hold the area around the main character and drag your finger back to reveal the bounce power-ups and angle values
The game is made in an exaggerated cartoon style, with all our characters looking a bit like paper figures.
However, the use of colour is unique, as the game is not as monotonous as traditional paper figures, but uses a rich colour palette to make the game world colourful.
The game is presented in landscape 2D and we control the protagonist as he throws weapons by shooting or parrying to destroy enemies who are standing far away and cannot be seen.
When you let go of your finger, the weapon will shoot straight out of your hand.
It's easy to use and the energy and angle are marked for you to control your shots.

How to Play

The game is easy to play, with a variety of modes of play and fun, so if you are interested, join it now!
In fact, the game is not difficult to operate, players only need to tap the screen to adjust the angle and strength of the character in the hands of the shooting, as long as the enemy before the shot to see the position and act accordingly.
Winning enough games in the basic shoot-em-up mode will unlock new modes of play, such as Duck Hunt and Apple Shoot Challenge, or the two-player PK mode, which supports two players.
If you want to hone your shooting skills, you can also choose Endless mode. The bearded uncle in the form of a Greek warrior is not the only character available in the game, but there are also various ways to acquire new characters (30 in total).
Some of the characters are even very relatable, as they have their stylistic abilities derived from well-known American comics and TV series. Each character has their own style of attack, and some of them can even perform a two-stage attack after the weapon has been fired, so you can surprise your enemies and deal more damage at the same time!



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