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Mythic Legends

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Mythic Legends
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Mythic Legends is a unique multiplayer interactive game in which players can play a variety of self-propelled strategy duels and a variety of interactive character battles!

Editor Comment

1. As your army grows, plan the perfect strategy. Soon you'll see wizards clashing with priests, monsters dueling with monsters, demons charging at dragons, and more!

2、Visually compelling champions belong to unique classes and origins. Witness their power and see the synergy perfectly paired for extraordinary results.

3、Participate in the game, leave and return at any time without worrying about losing progress. Either way, you can achieve victory in myth and legend.

4、Timed battles to create the perfect RPG strategy feel. We'll take care of all the details so you can focus on planning the right RPG strategy to win!

How to Play

1、Many new champions, legends, artifacts and other action-packed features will be added to the game in the future.

2、The more powerful Legend is, the more powerful the team in the arena will be. Choose your legend wisely and upgrade it as much as possible.

3、Champions come from different classes and origins. Each champion has unique abilities, and seeing them clash in the arena is a fabulous sight you won't forget!



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