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Pancake Art: Relaxing Games

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Pancake Art: Relaxing Games
  • os: ios version: 2.4
    updated: Apr 1, 2022 size: 175.8 MB
  • os: android version: 69
    updated: March 8, 2022 size: 41M

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Pancake Art is a fun game based on the business model of a stall, with the main gameplay of making cute pancakes, enjoy the perfect pancake art, make high quality pancakes, meet the various needs of customers is your goal, a variety of levels for you to experience!

Editor Comment

Q-tip cute painting style

Plenty of levels to challenge

A new pancake game

A magical way to break through the levels

How to Play

A variety of recipes and recipes for you to master, keep researching to make breakthroughs!

Easy to play, tap our screen to control the balance and stability of our vehicles!



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