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Sea Fishing - fun toddler and kids games for free!

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Sea Fishing - fun toddler and kids games for free!
  • os: ios version: 186MB
    updated: Apr 10, 2015 size: 1.0.9
  • os: android version: 1.5.4
    updated: March 29, 2021 size: 47M

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Sea Fishing - fun free game for toddlers and kids is a fun hunting casual game for kids and teens of all ages. Real network, 10,000 people online! 3D engine production real-time rendering effect, high-quality game graphics, cool special effects, a wealth of lovely new sea fish, so you experience the deep sea fishing feeling! Super BOSS, rich gameplay, freezing, locking props, berserk, splitting, slowing skills, more cool turrets, let you experience a different fishing journey, more free coins waiting for you to receive, more mysterious gun seat waiting for you to get oh!

Editor Comment

1,The free game can exercise your motor skills and reactions, which can kill your boring time and also exercise your brain.

 2,All players can compete with each other and share records.

3,Learn how to collect bonuses.

4,There are many interesting items hidden inside the treasure chest

5,The game is completely free!

How to Play

1. You just need to use your fingers to catch as many fish as possible until you run out of bubbles or the level's time limit ends.

2. But be careful of sharks and other fish predators

3. you can collect stars and rewards which will help you catch more fish in the future.



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