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Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run
  • os: ios version: 3.0.22
    updated: Mar 23, 2021 size: 262.00 MB
  • os: android version: 3.0.22
    updated: 17 March 2021 size: 32MB

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super mario run is a parkour game where Mario runs automatically and all you have to do is press the screen to control Mario's jumps, the longer you press the screen the higher Mario jumps. supermariorun includes a matchmaking element where you can choose one of the players on the list to challenge. Players can create their own "mushroom kingdom" with mobile coins
1. Build the kingdom
"Gather the chinobios and build your own kingdom". Combine different buildings and decorations to create your own kingdom. There are over 100 different types of buildings and decorations! By increasing the number of Chinobios in the Chinobio Rally, the number of buildings and decorations that can be exchanged will increase. Use the power of the chinobios to expand your kingdom step by step!
2. remix10
"The shortest Mario ever!" A mode that changes every time you play, with successive challenges in just ten levels. It's a Mario game that you can play with ease. Hurry up to pass the levels and rescue the lost Princess Daisy.
3. World Tour
"Run, jump and break through. Chase down the kubo who took Princess Brigitte.
Plains, underground, haunted houses, battleships and castles. ...... Break through the levels with lots of interesting mechanisms to get to Kuba's castle, where Princess Brigitte is. Collect 3 types of coloured coins and compete with your friends to score points. 1-1 to 1-4 are free to play. A special world called "worldstar" with 9 levels will appear after you pass the game.
4. Chino-Bio Rally
"Compete with friends and players from around the world to see who has the best Mario moves. In this match mode, the levels will change each time you play. The score depends on the number of coins collected and the number of Chinobios that come to cheer you on. Perform cool moves and accumulate meters to enter "Coin Rush Mode"! This is your chance to get a lot of coins! After winning the rally, the Chinobios will join the kingdom and your kingdom will become bigger.

Editor Comment

1、Super Mario run not only supports single player mode, but also supports multiplayer melee mode;

2, the game will be released in the future Super Mario emoji pack;
3, each game level and the role of the game can make people also miss some childhood;
4, the game without internal purchase once paid, will be on the shelves in Christmas 2016.

How to Play

1. The number of buildings and decorations available for building your kingdom will increase
The variety of buildings that can be exchanged for gold coins will be increased, making your kingdom even more lively. If you set up a rainbow path, you can expand the area of your kingdom.
2. Easier access to rally tickets
The rally tickets required to play the Chino-Bio Rally in Remix 10 have been made easier to obtain. Rally tickets can be obtained by building the Kingdom's buildings "Bonus Mini-Game House", "? Bricks" or by collecting coloured gold coins on the world tour.
3. Player characters will be added
After completing level 6-4, Princess Brigitte will be added as a player character or can be used as a player character after building Luigi, Yossi and Chinobik's homes in the Kingdom. They all have different traits from Mario, so use them to your advantage on the World Tour and the Chinobio Rally!
4. Open all levels of the World Tour
More exciting and fulfilling levels await you.
5. The number of levels in the Chino Pico Rally will be increased
The Chino Pico Rally will become even more interesting with the addition of 7 new levels to the original Plains only. In addition, purple and yellow chinobios will be added to the new levels to cheer you on.



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