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Three Kingdoms: Epic War

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Three Kingdoms: Epic War
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    updated: May 17, 2022 size: 2.3 GB
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    updated: May 13, 2022 size: 2.3 GB

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Three Kingdoms Epic War is a Three Kingdoms theme in the battlefield strategy game, the game based on real history, more than 10,000 players will be free to fight in the game, competition strategy, all by your personal control.

Editor Comment

1. Japan and South Korea's top artists to create, to show the heroic heroic posture of warriors

2. Break the scale of the battlefield limit, restore the real ancient battlefield

3. Alliance war, into the Central Plains as the king

How to Play

A very good war strategy mobile game, and this game has more than a lot of modes for players to choose to experience, and each mode in this game is a very different experience for players.



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