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Warhammer Combat Cards

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Warhammer Combat Cards
  • os: ios version: 34.7
    updated: Jul 11, 2022 size: 1.4 GB
  • os: android version: 34.7
    updated: Aug 4, 2022 size: 1.4 GB

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Warhammer Combat Cards to Warhammer series is the background of the game, this TCG card game will take you through the entire Warhammer world, in which a variety of characters are made in the background of Warhammer, players need to collect powerful tasks and in which the components of a card you like the whole lineup.

Editor Comment

1, the game has eight different races and camps, with unique cards under different backgrounds.

2, create your battle deck and challenge other players in the game in a turn-based battle style.

3, players can also compete for the ranking of the name, to improve the overall strength of the game.

4, players are allowed to cross the camp and race restrictions to collect cards.

5, you can also find more players in the battle lobby as your opponent.

How to Play

Weapon pattern, also divided into different occupations, enhance the playability. Weapons or card draw mode, with synthetic upgrade.

The worst thing is that although the game coins used to draw cards can be played, but there are few channels, the task can not be brushed, and the difficulty.

The players in the battle are generally higher than the novice level, to win gold is risky. The defensive mode is okay, but not very efficient.



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