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WorldBox - Sandbox God Simulator

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WorldBox - Sandbox God Simulator
  • os: ios version: 0.14.3
    updated: Jul 18, 2022 size: 193.2 MB
  • os: android version: 0.14.5
    updated: Jul 21, 2022 size: 193.2 MB

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WorldBox - Sandbox God Simulator is a sandbox building game with high degree of freedom, which is favored by many players with its beautiful and delicate pixel painting style and interesting gameplay elements.

Editor Comment

1、Players can see a variety of exciting and interesting game play in the game, while you can get more game rewards

2、The game you just go to destroy some things you think is not important, and start to build a more advanced civilization

3、Where each of our creatures are created with a single cell to start the mass change, you also need to do the same

How to Play

The overall gameplay is very simple, the core element is to create, develop and destroy, the player will play an omnipotent God, whether you want to build a new city, planet or build their own world civilization, or for the world to carry out a variety of destruction, by sliding the placement operation can easily decide.



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