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Age of Apes

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Age of Apes
  • os: ios version: 0.46.6
    updated: Sep 13, 2022 size: 946.6 MB
  • os: android version: 0.46.6
    updated: Sep 13, 2022 size: 946.6 MB

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Age of Apes is a mobile game that combines business and war strategies. With the advent of the age of apes, you can gain more resources, establish your own country, expand territory, and fight with other apes through constant wars.

Editor Comment

1. The novel world is waiting for you to explore, and different roles can be played to master the absolute power and become the leader of the tribe;

2. The rich and free adventure construction, the creation of new civilization, the launching of satellites, and the exploration of space are all shocking;

3. Six legendary clans, choose your allegiance object, fight wits and courage with other clans, and the large-scale clan PVP war awaits you;

4. The free and open game world brings infinite surprises, unlocks rich game activities, and every adventure is amazing.

How to Play

1. Use the only resources available to start exploring, and various items can bring more benefits to players;

2. Continuously develop and expand your team, train your own army, and protect your important materials;

3. You can work with your allies or explore the mysterious surface world to find more surprises.



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