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RPG Onigo Hunter

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RPG Onigo Hunter
  • os: ios version: 1.1.0g
    updated: May 14, 2018 size: 760.2 MB
  • os: android version: 1.1.0g
    updated: May 14, 2018 size: 760.2 MB

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RPG Onigo Hunter is a Japanese RPG adventure game, the game is not only beautifully designed graphics, players can also enjoy the exciting plot story in the adventure battle, enjoy more exciting content to play, I believe that many players will like it!

Editor Comment

1, the wonderful game background plot story interspersed!

2, different prop attributes, combat play is rich and diverse!

3, simple control more suitable for new players!

How to Play

Players as a guild hunter constantly pick up tasks and different attributes of the dangerous beast battle, the magic crystals obtained can choose to turn in the guild to get points or feed to the pet to make it evolve, the game graphics are a bit retro but very interesting.



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