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  • os: ios version: 1.0.21
    updated: Dec 21, 2021 size: 1.4 GB
  • os: android version: 1.4
    updated: March 4, 2022 size: Varies with device

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Badlanders is a survival shooting game, the game you need to collect more substances to eventually escape smoothly to do, realistic reproduction of realistic scenes, very high fluency definitely give you the feeling of immersion, will give you a smooth and exciting game experience.

Editor Comment

Explore the map as you wish, this gun battle game play a hundred different ways, strong people with strength to go anywhere can live.

The game world view is free, in the face of the cruel survival environment, a person well alive, or with a group of people to form a new home.

Guns weapons are abundant, players who like to study guns can dismantle all the weapons and reassemble an exclusive weapon.

How to Play

1, the value of things, equipment inside the backpack is the most valuable, the most worthless armor magazines inside the what is called a large pile of the most valuable, garbage according to the quality of the collection on the line, and then accessories gun stocks and grips are not worth the money

2, the game can be scavenged box is not conspicuous, but there are traces, while the location of the box in each map is also fixed.

3, the shelter is equivalent to the player's own base construction, through the construction of the shelter can produce supplies and open firearms modification and other functions.

4, but in addition to the coins accidentally build facilities also need a lot of additional props, need players or evacuation and brought out from the map, for new players and is not recommended to spend too much energy and financial resources for the construction of shelters.

5, the shelter needs a generator to provide electricity, after spending money to build a generator also need to replenish the fuel.



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