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  • os: ios version: 1.5.0
    updated: 8 July 2021 size: Varies by equipment
  • os: android version: 0.18.0
    updated: 8 July 2021 size: Varies by equipment

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Promotional Video/Screenshot


The moment you jump out of the plane, you can even feel a little "fear of heights", this is the shock of the 8000*8000 ultra-clear map. The equipment has been greatly enhanced with a metallic feel, the higher the level of equipment the more pronounced it is, such as the advanced armour like the Level 3 head, which has an unusual metallic heft to it. The look of the guns is also drastically realistic, with each gun being "polished" to a shine.
The game is a competitive version of the 100-player gun battle game, with more comprehensive Jedi survival content and a wealth of the latest gameplay, where chicken players from all over the world can come together and compete to see who is the master of chicken!
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Editor Comment

1, the closest to the end game Jedi survival gameplay and the original version of the same content and props, the most pure chicken hand game; guns, pans and other choose the right weapons to defeat opponents, plunder more resources and equipment.
2、Fight with your friends to the end, make a perfect battle plan and the chicken meat is yours.
3、Ensure fair cheating mechanism, kill the Herald and be ready for battle.
4、Eat chicken on a small map, optimise your equipment and still have a great gaming experience. The best optimized game experience, the most concentrated players, easy login, no kryptonite, truly made for chicken!

How to Play

Players have to jump parachute to survive, quickly collect weapons and equipment to enhance themselves and teammates cooperation, kill all opponents and survive to the end, the game is developed through the virtual 4 engine, but optimized for low memory devices, reduced maps, the number of players reduced from 100 to 40 you can still have a very sensational chicken battle.
1, Pay attention to the display of strategy and coordinate intelligent voice breaks to keep your enemies at bay.
2、Look at your surroundings, choose the best battle plan, and use your offensive and defensive thinking flexibly.
3、Infinite running maps, infinite battles, fighting to the end, there is only one throne.



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