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  • os: ios version: 4.7.2
    updated: Feb 17, 2021 size: 288.2 MB
  • os: android version: 4.7.2
    updated: July 19, 2021 size: 146M

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homescapes is a dress up elimination game, homescapes game in which players have to help the official family to re clean the decrepit mansion, so that the mansion has the atmosphere of life, by eliminating the way to pass the level, after passing the level you can freely decide the decoration of every place in the mansion.
When you step in the door is the beginning of the adventure! Break through the colorful triple elimination levels to renovate and decorate the rooms in the mansion and unlock more chapters of the exciting family story in the process! What are you waiting for? Come and dress up the home!
Beautiful and spacious mansion: Uncover all the secrets of the mansion!
Exciting Characters: Observe their daily lives and interact with them in the in-game community network.
Cute pets: Adopt cute furry cats.

Editor Comment

Breakthrough mode, within the specified number of steps, to complete the challenge of different goals, not familiar with the three elimination play a class of players, often have the situation of the card, here to provide some small advice, the first is to complete the target elimination object priority, encounter can not be eliminated before considering the consumption of bombs or functional props, functional props such as small aircraft, horizontal / vertical row of rockets, complete carpet cleaning, especially important! Of course, luck is also very important, when Ou Qi is full, a level can be passed immediately, here the love value ≠ physical value, successful breakthrough does not deduct the number; the more stars, the more furniture can be built! For consuming gold or spending love value to get more chances, I suggest consuming gold in the current only 1 or 2 obstacles left, and you are sure to finish within 5 steps; consuming love value is suitable for time players, not in a hurry to take your time, in fact, elimination games are really very "casual", do not play when you do not miss, a play on the Feel fun, easy to addicted to it, really wonderful experience.

How to Play

● Unique gameplay: swap and match blocks to help Austin fix up the house!
● Interior Design: The house decor is up to you.
● Exciting triple elimination levels: Packed with unique enhancements and explosive combinations, the fun is endless!
● Beautiful and spacious mansion: Uncover all the secrets inside the mansion!
● Exciting characters: Observe their daily lives and interact with them in the in-game community network.
● Cute pets: Meet cute furry cats.
● Invite your Facebook friends to help you create a cozy atmosphere in your house!



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