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War and Wit: Heroes Match 3

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War and Wit: Heroes Match 3
  • os: ios version: v0.0.99
    updated: Sep 11, 2021 size: 692.8 MB
  • os: android version: 0.0.178
    updated: September 9, 2021 size: 102M

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War and puzzle heroes born a very strong rhythm of the fight magic hanging strategy game, free and open magic continent waiting for you to adventure, your fate will be in their own hands, placed hanging combat gameplay, three classic occupation, 9 kinds of growth route policy, participate in different cross-services battle to fight for the throne, quickly together with your warriors to gallop the world!

Editor Comment

1、Raise - strengthen heroes, upgrade buildings and special magic!

2、3D magic painting style - experience the magnificent castle floating in the sky, layer by layer to advance the scene level!

3、Teamwork - fight with your alliance against the powerful ancient titans!

4、PVP - PVP battles with players from all over the world!

How to Play

1、Complete the rich leveling tasks to get a lot of diamonds and props rewards, and constantly upgrade the hero's combat level;

2, flexible positioning to challenge the enemies in all directions, a variety of equipment can be synthesized, you can build a unique weapon by hand;

3, those treasures and materials are better to help all your defense tower to upgrade, so you go to better defense it;

4, in different castles also has a lot of special treasures, but you need to keep searching again and again.



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