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Hair Dye

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Hair Dye
  • os: android version: 1.3.2
    updated: July 23, 2021 size: 122M

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hair dye is an excellent quality haircutting and shampooing simulation game. In this game, the player will become an extremely professional haircutter and shampooer, to give different customers to shape the perfect hair. The game's realistic and detailed haircutting process is amazing, you can not only cut the hair of different customers through scissors, after the haircut you can start washing, blowing, or coloring according to the needs of customers!
What haircut do you want? What hair color? What hair dye? Grab the hair dye, hair color and favorite hairstyle, and then work in the salon. Color crazy hairstyles with color changers and add beautiful embellishments. Add crazy colors to amazing hairstyles. Ready to style? Your hair salon has thousands of clients, all waiting for your unique hairstyle and hair dye.

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Editor Comment

As many as 12 different colors are available for players to choose from! When the guest comes here, you can either dye your hair according to the guest's request, or you can do it yourself with your imagination ability, it's all possible!
Feel unsatisfied after getting a haircut and coloring your hair, and want to start over again? No problem! The game will have a magical potion to restore the hair to its original state!
Players can use the game's blow dryer to blow the character's hair, so as to give the character's hair for styling
There are 8 different kinds of accessories for players to use, you can put these accessories on the girl's hair, so as to feel their different charm
Customers will also give you different feedback according to your haircut, they will show different expressions and voices!
Become a professional hairdresser, you can create different kinds of hairstyles for the customers here, to fully show their charm!

How to Play

A variety of colors are available, and players can neutralize them to create many new colors.
Unleash your creativity, with a variety of looks to create, simulating real hair coloring.
Add a variety of equipment that players can unlock and use to unleash your unlimited creativity.
Color your hair with different colors, unleash your creativity and give different haircuts and looks.
No hair salon experience would be complete without a nice wash, shampooing, conditioning and providing quality service.
Straighten, curl, or even blow dry, it's up to you.



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