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Crowd City

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Crowd City
  • os: android version: 1.8.0
    updated: 23 July 2021 size: 84M

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The most recent global hit is a magical arcade challenge game where you can choose from different modes of play, each level has a completely different challenge and you have a limited time to break through and challenge, using your skills to complete the devouring task!
1. Players can choose from different coloured crowds
2. Gather your own crowd and devour your opponents!
3、Evolve from the smallest to the largest and most important.

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Editor Comment

You need to control the number of people throughout the game, with a huge number of levels, each with a special time limit, to complete the cannibalization of people within the time limit, to determine the final winner, do your best to gather all the humans in the city, they are located in all corners, and easily swallow each opponent to win.
Sadistic and magical gameplay, with a variety of cartoonish graphics to showcase outstanding competitive battles.
A huge number of levels designed to complete the ultimate test and get the key clues to fight.
Each level has a limited amount of time in which to complete the devouring task before time runs out.

How to Play

It's a really magical game, simple to play, but it's a test of finger agility, moving quickly to find the target;
Once you play, you can't stop playing and you'll want to make the queue bigger every time, after all, it looks really spectacular!
The whole game is very abstract and you need to get as many people together as possible;
Make your team as big as possible and keep your finger on the pulse as you move and find your teammates;
With a huge map, there will be more teams of other players, each representing a different colour, to devour the teams weaker than you.



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