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Sonic at the Olympic Games

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Sonic at the Olympic Games
  • os: ios version: 1.0.5
    updated: Oct 21, 2021 size: 204.2 MB
  • os: android version: 1.0.6
    updated: October 29, 2021 size: 52M

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Sonic Olympics Tokyo 2020 game is a Sega's latest 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games officially licensed game, the game screen colorful, the game you will experience the full range of Olympic Games fun, game play is rich, a variety of sports all, different sports have a variety of modes, players can choose according to their preferences, using Q style, many familiar cartoon characters one by one appearance.

Editor Comment

1, including track and field, swimming, badminton, shot put, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis and so on, dozens of these familiar Olympic sports are included in the game content;

2, the joint SEGA and Nintendo's famous characters, Mario, Sonic, Kuba, etc. will appear in the game, giving everyone classic memories.

3, the game combines the cartoon Q style and realistic painting style, so that real characters and cartoon characters can appear in the same game, and has a pretty good visual effect.

How to Play

With a huge amount of gameplay, super Olympic sports are all available here and have been completed to a certain degree, and the cartoon characters you are familiar with appear one by one.

Mario and Sonic hand in hand on the latest in the popular series of games, you can enjoy the fun of hitting, running, jumping and other Olympic games anytime, anywhere.



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