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Draw Hero 3D - Puzzle Game

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Draw Hero 3D - Puzzle Game
  • os: ios version: 0.1.8
    updated: Oct 27, 2021 size: 339.3 MB
  • os: android version:
    updated: December 16, 2021 size: 74M

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Draw Hero 3D is a very classic game of drawing lines, in Draw Hero 3D game, players can need to use their own clever mind to adventure to break through, draw lines before you have to think completely, the enemy is very cunning oh, destroy them.

Editor Comment

The painting that comes directly to the hand, creating their own characters with finger painting, the player can feel the observation of participating in the production, or very interesting.

The overall battle is also very exciting, just experience it once to feel the excitement of it, as long as the scene can be explored and battle against.

There are rich levels designed for you to challenge, and about the bosses that guard the level, they are more powerful than one monster.

How to Play

The drawing style is very simple, and the number of strokes in each level is limited.

The graphics are not difficult at the beginning, and you will be able to draw patterns quickly after you become skilled.

There is a limit to the number of colors in each level, and the range has been fixed so you can't choose the wrong color.



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