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Land of Empires: Immortal

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Land of Empires: Immortal
  • os: ios version: 0.2.20
    updated: Jul 4, 2022 size: 434 MB
  • os: android version: 0.1.17
    updated: Jul 2, 2022 size: 434 MB

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Land Of Empires is a war strategy game in which players will be able to complete a variety of different challenges, expand their territory, build a strong army, and let you experience the wonderful fun of war.

Editor Comment

1, a variety of basic and special turrets can choose to use, each turret has a different role and harm power, to bring you a different experience.

2, a wealth of levels can choose to challenge, the difficulty of the game from easy to difficult, you need to continue to improve your strength, in order to easily pass the level.

3, the game operation is simple, you can quickly get started to master different skills, suitable for all ages to play.

How to Play

1、Gather the rest of your army, drive out the powerful undead army, take back your territory and rebuild your city.

2、Explore these forgotten lands and get a lot of resources, artifacts and equipment to arm your city and army.

3、Treasures are hidden in the deep mountains, lakes and fogs, so there is no end to development, expansion and exploration.



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