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FIFA Soccer

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FIFA Soccer
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    updated: Apr 26, 2022 size: 169.5 MB
  • os: android version: 16.0.01
    updated: Apr 19, 2022 size: 169.5 MB

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FIFA Soccer is a simulation of soccer sports casual game, the work has hundreds of different players together on the field, from these players to select the most suitable for their eleven to form a team, after the establishment of the team immediately to register to participate in a variety of local competitions, from the perspective of the new team to tell a feast of the league competition Oh, the game in the number of participants in the game, and most players can become an important factor in the victory of the game, everyone can join the game inside.

Editor Comment

1、All players have the right to operate freely, experience the super hot era of strife to re-live a unique competitive journey.

2、super players on the field to bring more possibilities, at any time team also recruited these players into their own team;.

3、you can set up your own team of kings, with the understanding of soccer to fully explore the potential ability of each person.

How to Play

1、These players are to be recruited by yourself, they have different abilities, suitable for different positions to play their real strength.

2、you can set up your own team of kings, with the understanding of the soccer to fully explore the potential of each person.

3、in the battle between players can be for the formation to change, how to win the game, but also a number of aspects of the integration between.



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