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More Snacks!

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More Snacks!
  • os: ios version: 1.5.0
    updated: Oct 10, 2021 size: 166 MB
  • os: android version: 1.3.11
    updated: Jul 12, 2022 size: 166 MB

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More Snacks is a one-handed can easily control the game, in each scene of the game, we need to challenge, and then go and this "donut" to start a fierce battle, they will constantly dodge and run, so want to catch them or a little difficult, so our operation should also be very flexible, the whole process is very easy, welcome to experience Oh!

Editor Comment

1. Simple gameplay content

2. You can control two completely different characters

3. Play in the way you want to play

How to Play

1. Manipulate the boy to eat all the snacks

2. Or manipulate the snacks to avoid the boy

3. Swap in the way you want



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