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Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery

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Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery
  • os: ios version: 1.5
    updated: Mar 3, 2020 size: 383.7 MB
  • os: android version: 1.0.48
    updated: December 17, 2021 size: 79M

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Promotional Video/Screenshot


It is a very good exquisite puzzle game, the operation of this work is very simple, but the game's unique background and painting style to create the atmosphere is very good, the player needs to find the key to crack in the many levels and the riddle can be, interested parents hurry to join it.

Editor Comment

1, many scene transitions, players will visit a variety of amazing places, see a variety of artifacts, shuttle between a variety of terrain;.

2, the story is very powerful, each character design character traits, etc. are very prominent, the character image is even more impressive;.

3, animation presentation technology is absolutely top, boys and girls can play the story adventure game, do not play may regret.

How to Play

Players need to keep looking for clues to complete the breakthrough



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