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Diggy's Adventure: Maze Games

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Diggy's Adventure: Maze Games
  • os: ios version: 161 MB
    updated: Sep 13, 2021 size: 1.2.11
  • os: android version: 1.5.526
    updated: September 29, 2021 size: 104M

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Diggys Adventure is a cartoon casual style maze adventure game, in which players play a young archaeologist, in an archaeological journey suddenly windy let their team to the unknown island, and discovered the mysterious Egyptian tomb unknown to the world.

Editor Comment

Search for hidden treasures, solve puzzles, perform sacred tasks and reveal the greatest mysteries of DIGGY's adventurous past.

1000+ brain teasers and puzzles to solve

500+ Mazes

100+ fun characters to interact with

5+ forgotten treasures

Regular weekly updates with fun-filled events

18 languages

How to Play

However, before facing the many relics, let's warm up and dig out the important maps and diaries from the ship swallowed by the sand! Here players will learn the basics of digging - basically the purpose of the game is to dig out obstacles and move forward to the goal, each digging requires the consumption of energy (Energy), with different materials of obstacles, the required consumption of energy also varies, so in the premise of limited energy, think about how to reach the destination with the least amount of energy is also the fun of the game. Even if the stamina is exhausted, do not worry, as long as you let Diji rest for a while, stamina will naturally recover slowly with time, or look carefully at the map there is no cute "little Anubis", he will also help players to restore stamina Oh!



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