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Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars
  • os: ios version: 29.253
    updated: September 10, 2020 size: 345.2MB
  • os: android version: 36.270
    updated: 1 July 2021 size: 177M

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Promotional Video/Screenshot


A super fun 3v3 miniature shooting game, this game brings a new shooting game experience for players, a new play experience, the game has a rich plot level, a variety of game modes for players to freely choose, a large number of heroes and weapons and equipment strong attack, rich PVP competitive battle mode, a variety of rich and wonderful props design, you are still hesitating what, interested friends, hurry up to a life and death battle! You'll be able to play in a battle of life and death!
This game is very comfortable in terms of operation, the game style and graphics is also very interesting;
The setting and the style of the game is fun and humorous, making it even more exciting for the senses;
The game has a great reputation and is very playable, so it would be a shame not to play it.

Editor Comment

The game uses the virtual joystick and buttons to make the experience more comfortable;
The characters are cartoonish and innovative, making the game an exciting and exciting experience for players;
The game has a lot of humour and cute elements to make it more playable.
The gameplay is fun, fast and exciting!
A wide range of challenging modes for a new experience
The graphics are retro pixelated and unique
Casual gameplay, fun and easy to play anytime, anywhere

How to Play

Firstly, it does not rely on any past IPs and is not what Battle Royal is to COC. Brawl Stars?" is a new worldview, American cartoon style, about a battle for the gem mines, where different characters are caught in a chaotic battle to destroy the enemy's mines.
Secondly, Brawl Stars? includes the usual elements of real-time, multiplayer online and competitive play, with the same vertical screen battle layout of Battle Royale and a virtual joystick mode of operation, with long-range shooting and melee combat.
Thirdly, as always, Supercell has given the characters different functions, melee and long-range attacks, adapted to the specific needs of the battle. The heroes are reportedly upgradeable and can be customised with skins.
Fourthly, the game's map is very small. In a relatively confined space, 3V3 battles can be more intense. io games (Agar.io, Slither.io) are hugely popular because of the intense conflicts on small maps.
Fifth, the variety of game modes
Smash & grab: The first team to get 10 crystals and maintain their advantage until the end wins.
Heist: the player has only two minutes to loot a treasure chest protected by the enemy team.
Showdown: 10 players are thrown onto a shrinking map and battle it out to the end.
Bounty: Fight enemies and collect stars, whichever team has the most stars wins.



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  • so fun

    by lisa 19 Sep,2021

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