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Basketball Battle

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Basketball Battle
  • os: ios version: 2.2.17
    updated: May 25, 2021 size: 151 MB
  • os: android version: 2.3.1
    updated: November 8, 2021 size: 66M

* For reference, Basketball Battle game websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


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Basketball Battle is a very creative basketball game with easy movement and shooting, the ability to use power-ups, and the classic three-step layups, picturesque backward jumpers and gorilla-like caps!

Editor Comment

1、Simple control, extremely easy to get started, basketball for young and old alike.

2、neat, simple graphic design and stimulating dynamic music effects.

3、 a new concept of basketball for people.

How to Play

Once you enter the game you need to play with players controlled by other players. If you think that these are not too different from other basketball games, you can actually experience interesting gameplay that is not found in other basketball games.



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